Undecided Future – Just Some Band Members with Funky Fashion

October 23, 2017

“A FUNK/ R&B band”

What’s up everyone!! October has gone by sooo sooo fast – I mean, its almost Halloween!! Isn’t that crazy?!! Sorry I haven’t posted in a few weeks – Sophomore year has been INSANELY busy. I’m on the Exec for 3 clubs now and my classes are definitely harder than last semester’s courses – especially Financial ACCTG lol – so it’s super hard to find spare time to just relax and write! However, I’m happy to be back on the grind and writing posts again! For this week’s post, I am featuring an INCREDIBLE band – Undecided Future – composed of super talented members with rather funky fashion, I must say. I mean, they are a “FUNK” band, so I guess they are predisposed to have this funky sense of style haha. But seriously though, I don’t think I’ve seen a band with such a distinct and unique sense of style before, which is why I was so excited when they agreed to let me feature them! Not to mention, they are great group of humble and kind dudes that I do truly believe are going to get far in the future because there music is really good – click this link to read more about their band and listen to some of their new music!!

For the photo shoot, I chose a few locations – all of which were near downtown Orange (by the circle). I chose to photograph them by Orange High School where the fence was, on the bleachers at Chapman, in an alley way behind Chapman, in front of a brick wall in the circle, and on a sick blue staircase behind Provisions, downtown. These dudes are killing the game when it comes to fashion. We’ve got Matisse who puts together quite possibly the most eclectic looks I’ve ever seen on a guy; Matt who literally make some of his own clothes, like the pants he’s wearing in this shoot; Cole who follows Vintage aesthetics when it comes to his looks; Nick who likes beachy wear, but that which breaks from the norm; and finally, we’ve got Hayden who likes modern, futuristic attire! I’d say that they’ve got their designated band fashion aesthetic down. Below, I am going to attach some individual pictures of each band member with a short quote from our interview, noting how each member described their style! Also, each of their names are hyperlinked to their Instagrams, so click their name and give them a follow!!

Cole Fredrick: The Guitarist

“Lately I’ve been wearing a lot of Zara pants. They’ve got this kind of G Eazy twist to them. I like the vintage collared shirts with the zipper on them – I think that’s pretty fly. I got this black striped shirt on – I forget which brand it is, but it’s got kind of an old-school look to i, so I dig it. I’ve also got on some white Vans with a black strip on them.”


Matisse Pasillas: The Drummer

“My style is pretty eclectic. I was always influenced by my mom to wear whatever I want. I’m currently wearing Asics Gel Shoes, and I really like how these Asics shape to my feet. These pants are from a thrift store – not sure which one – but I got them in the women’s section because I found that they have a better fit. I am wearing a shirt and jacket from Downtown LA from Tenzin. And I got this purse from a gas station when Matt and I were on our way to Utah. All of the jewelry is from my parents – mostly from my mom though!”


Matt Isaac: Lead Vocals

“Hi, my name is Matt and I am the singer! I guess you could describe my style as what you would envision as urban wear in space. I really like that kind of stuff. It’s kind of futuristic but acceptable, ya know. I make a lot of clothes too. I try to pull from a lot of silhouettes that I like from different designers like Daniel Patrick and Gucci. As for my outfit, I am wearing some leather low-tops, the pants that I made, and a shirt that I got from Buffalo Exchange (I actually think it’s a women’s shirt haha).”


Hayden: The Bass

“My name is Hayden and I am the bass player. I guess I would describe my style as a weird 80s sportswear, Hawaiian conglomeration. I would totally wear tracksuits with palm trees on them – I think that is fly af. I also love circular glasses, and am really attracted to the sportswear brands like Nike and Adidas – the modern, futuristic looking stuff.”


Nick Stone: The Keys

“Hi, I’m nick. I wear clothes. Hahahaha. I mean if I were to describe my style, I would say it is probably a little bit beachy. I also take a lot of influence from Matisse, so I wear a lot of his clothes! But, Matt as well has been encouraging me to push my limits with my fashion. I look for things that are not super basic or mainstream – just a little bit outside of the norm. I’m wearing some Puma sneakers, with some black socks, Pacsun pants, and a Zara shirt. I’m also wearing a nice necklace that I got from Matisse’s mom.”


Hope you enjoyed this post about Undecided Future because I loved this shoot – probably one of my favorite shoots so far! Maybe I’ll start featuring more bands on ZINKLEDEE! What do you think?! Hope you have a great rest of your week!


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