Two-Piece Floral Sets and Floppy Hats

September 28, 2017

My Experience at The Malibu Photo Meetup #CreativesinCali

Hey everyone! It is Thursday and I am feeling AMAZING!! This week as honestly been so productive – I finished my financial accounting midterm (I literally studied 15 hours for this test. I’m not even kidding with you); I got together with my Exec team for the new fashion club on campus (You should sign up for the mailing list if you are interested. Click here if you want to sign up! It’s called the Fashion-Oriented Guild and it is literally going to be amazing times infinity so please come to our first meeting if you are a fashion lover!! We want to meet you future foggies!!); I got to meet up with two girlies who also love to sing and we started arranging a cover of a song! Overall I would say that this week qualifies as one of my fav weeks so far this year <3! Now I wanna tell you all about my experience at the Malibu photo meet up that I attended in August!

After my friend, Laura (the SUPER TALENTED AND AMAZING photographer of these pics) invited me to go to the Malibu photo meet up with her in August, I was soooo excited! I never had been to an actual meet up before, so I was super interested in finding out what it was! We ended up driving to Paradise Cove Beach (located in Malibu) where we met up with a bunch of talented photographers and models! The girl who led the meet up was on a photography road trip, which was super cool and inspiring to hear about. After we all chit chatted for a bit, we went down to the beach to take some sick photos! This is basically how a photo meet up works if you are unfamiliar with the term – In essence, the models walk around and pose while the different photographers take photos at the same time. Some take photos just for fun, while other photographers take photos for certain brands (one of the photographers brought a Tribe and True Blanket and asked the models to pose with it so she could send them to the brand to use for their website). Then we all went to dinner! It was a super fun day!

For my first outfit – the one I am writing about in this specific post – I decided to wear my two- piece floral set from Nectar (the clothing boutique in downtown Orange adjacent to the ice cream shop!). I honestly felt like this was the perfect look for a beachy shoot – it was flowy, floral-pattered, and had gold and pink tones in it, which paired nicely with golden hour. Also, off-the-shoulder two-piece sets are super convenient in terms of price and efficiency when choosing an outfit. I literally purchased this set for 40 dollars and it can totally pass as a fancy dress or as a Boho Chic Free People Beach look depending on how you wear it. Also, it is a super easy and convenient look to style – it probably took me 2 minutes to finish accessorizing the set. To top the look off, I wore a tan floppy hat [Forever 21] with some simple rings. I think the floppy hat was a good accessory to help heighten the “beachy” aesthetic.

 Next week I will be writing about my second look from the shoot in Malibu! Also, shout out to Laura Claypool for taking all of these photos – go check out her insta (click here) to see her other incredible photos! Happy almost weekend! Thanks for reading!


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