Top Shop Tops and Mia Heels

February 19, 2017

Flowers, Ruffles, and Denim Skirts

I have been finding a lot of great deals at Nordstrom Rack lately! One of my recent “bargain finds” at Nordstrom Rack is this ADORABLE off-the-shoulder Top Shop shirt! It was marked down from 70 dollars to 30 dollars! It is a very versatile piece and can be styled in multiple ways. You can wear a pencil skirt with it and keep it un-tucked and flowy. You can wear it with high-waisted jeans and tuck it in. Or, you can style it as I did – tuck it in to create a more form-fitting aesthetic and pair it with a cute denim flare skirt! I love any type of denim skirt – whether it is a tight-fitting pencil denim skirt, a button down flowy denim skirt, or a plain old jean skirt. I like denim skirts because they match with pretty much any shirt, which is extremely convenient in terms of styling. I can wear the same jean skirt multiple times during the week probably without people noticing because I am able to style denim skirts with any shoe, shirt, or accessory combination that I choose. So, the outfit in this post would look completely different than a look composed of the same skirt, a green crop top, black bandana, and wedged wooden sandals. The perks of denim are truly endless. I decided to pair this outfit with my FAVE black loafer wedges and black/white ruffle socks. I absolutely love these heeled black loafers because I can wear them to a business event if I wear them with proper business attire or I can pair them with an outfit similar to the one in this post because I am able to make them look more casual if I wear them with some cute ruffle socks or tights! I got the shoes from Nordstrom Rack (MIA brand) and the socks from the store Cotton On! Oh, and I almost forgot to mention… I got my denim flare skirt from Forever 21! Go check out Nordstrom Rack when you have the time – I promise, it is worth your time!

Much love, ZINKLEDEE

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