Too Many Stripes?! I Don’t Think So!

September 10, 2017

Black and White with a Hint of Orange!

Hey everyone! Hope you had a good week/ weekend! Last weekend, I went to The Lab Anti-Mall to shop around for a lil’ bit with my twinny – and, obviously, to take some cute pics for the blog! Honestly, if you are ever in need of a good place to take photos, eat some yummy food, and shop around, The Lab is your place! First, we went to take a look at Buffalo Exchange (one of my fave thrift shops) and then we stopped at the Gypsy Den for a quick snack (Would highly recommend their blended vanilla iced chai tea lattes)! Let’s talk about this stripes on stripes look!

When choosing this outfit, I was feeling in the “stripe” mood, so I decided to pair my fave black and white striped overalls [Forever 21] with my tight fitted black and white striped dress [H&M]. Yes, you can wear a dress under overalls, and if your creative in how you pair the two together, no one will know you are wearing a dress under overalls! Give this dynamic duo a try! For my shoes, I wore my black Steve Madden slip-ons. These are great shoes to invest in because they are super comfy and go with pretty much everything. To add some color to this black and white outfit, I wore a little white and orange silk bandana with my go-to orange cross-over bag [Coach]. Bandanas are always a great accessory to have – they seem to add a somewhat “preppy” aesthetic to any outfit.

Tip of the week: go invest in some overalls (striped, jean, etc.) and start out your Monday with a run and smile! Have a good week lovelies!