The Nuthouse OR The SPICE GIRLS… IDK!

November 1, 2017

We’ve Got Sporty, Scary, Posh, Baby, and Ginger!

Happy Wednesday everyone! Hope you had an fun and safe Halloween/ Halloweekend!! For Halloween, our house decided to dress up as the Spice Girls! I mean, there are five of us and five of them, so I would say that it was a Halloween costume match made in heaven! Each of the Spice Girls have a rather distinct style/ persona, so our first step in planning the costumes was matching each spice with a nuthouse girly. We ended up choosing the following:

  1. Liz as SPORTY Spice
  2. Shay as SCARY Spice
  3. Alexa as POSH Spice
  4. Alexis as BABY Spice
  5. Me as GINGER Spice

After we chose who was gonna be which Spice Girl, we decided to choreograph a Spice Girls routine – I mean, if you are gonna dress up as the Spice Girls for Halloween, you HAVE to go all out!! We intended to do a flash mob at the Halloween Party that we went to, but we weren’t really able to because there were wayyyy to many people there lol. We did get someone to play “Wannabe” at the party though, and we kinda danced to it, so I would say it was a partial success haha. Even though we didn’t get to perform the dance all out at the party, the overall experience of dancing to “Wannabe” every week was SO fun!! Would highly recommend. Below I am going to go into more depth on each of our outfits!!

Liz as SPORTY Spice

 Liz was the PERFECT Sporty Spice – I must say! From her super funky green side-button up pants (She got these from Owl Fish at the Irvine Spectrum) to her pale blue Jockey sports bra from Urban Outfitters, she’s got sporty nailed down!! Even the blue inner lining of her pants matched with her sports bra!! To spice up the look, she wore some light pink tennies. Because her whole look was green, blue, and white, the light pink shoes were the perfect SPORTY and eccentric statement!! Look below to see Liz’s full look!


Shay as SCARY Spice

 Oh, let me just still you, lil’ shay had EVERYONE staring during Halloween – I mean who wouldn’t be… this look is straight up fire!! She got pretty innovative with her look! She purchased a leopard print dress on Poshmark (literally, if you need anything for Halloween, always look on Poshmark first – they will probably have what you are looking for at a fairly cheap price)! She decided to cut this leopard dress and make it a crop top, so she could wear her super cute Free People flare jeans (which were the definition of SCARY spice!!). To top the look off, she wore her black velvet platforms (from Poshmark), a punk belt, and a black choker! Look below to see lil’shay’s full look!


Alexa as POSH Spice

 Lex comin’ in HOT as the perfect POSH Spice!! Check out this dress… I mean WOWZA!! When you think of Posh Spice you probably will think of a short, tight black dress, heals/ platforms with calf ribbons, and straight hair! I would say that Lex matched this description perfectly! She got her cute, simple black dress from Zaful and POSH-ified her silver platforms by purchasing silver ribbon and strapping it around both of her calves! To add a little bit of sass to the look, she wore some oversized hoops! Look below to see Lex’s full look!


 Alexis as BABY Spice

 Alexis was the CUTEST, MOST ADORABLE Baby Spice!! She for sure nailed Baby’s look – from her adorable little pony tails to her white and pink aesthetic, there was not a doubt which spice girl this girly was!! She got her simple white, short bow-sleeved dress from a thrift shop, her white knee high socks from Target, and her pink slip-ons from Vans! Also, props to this girly for dressing up because she was sick over the weekend! You go girl! If you wanna dress up as Baby Spice next year, be sure to refer to Alexis’ look because she was the perfect Baby Spice lemme tell ya! Look below to see Alexis’ full look!


 Me as GINGER Spice

 I love Halloween so so much because I AM OBSESSED with going all out when it comes to dressing up! So, when I decided on Ginger Spice, I immediately started looking for costumes! I literally bought my British Flag sequined dress a month and a half before Halloween on Poshmark. Honestly, if you start looking for costumes early, and you find one, just buy it – I promise you won’t regret your purchase! I got the dress for 25$, so I would say that was a steal! I also got my “no-heel” British flag platform booties on Poshmark for 20$!! However, I must say, looking for shoes for this outfit was a bit stressful – I originally was supposed to get red gogo boots, but I literally could not find a pair anywhere for sale! But, I was in luck when I found these amazing British Flag platforms on Poshmark a week before Halloween! Look below to see my full look!


 Hope you like this Halloween post about our Spice Girl costumes! Have a fab weekend loves!


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