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Golden Hour, Vibrant Red Dresses, and Tribe and True Blankets

October 5, 2017 , 0 Comments

I’m sure you are curious about the subtitle of this article – “Guess How Much I Purchased This Dress For…” Did you take a guess?! Well, I’ll give you a lil’ hint… I got it [...]

Two-Piece Floral Sets and Floppy Hats

September 28, 2017 , 0 Comments

After my friend, Laura (the SUPER TALENTED AND AMAZING photographer of these pics) invited me to go to the Malibu photo meet up with her in August, I was soooo excited! I [...]

Katherine Khaloo: The Girl in Red

August 2, 2017 , 0 Comments

What’s up everyone! Today I am featuring the AMAZING Katherine Khaloo! I met Katherine through I AM THAT GIRL at Chapman and I am so thankful I got to meet such a kind and [...]