My Obsession With Overalls

January 10, 2017

Denim and Ruffles

To say I have an obsession with overalls is an understatement. I have wayyy too many – two pairs of denim overall dresses, one pair of denim overall shorts, one overall floral dress, and two patterned full-length overalls. 6 PAIRS OF OVERALLS – I AM LITERALLY CRAZY!! Well, the reason that lies behind my excessive repertoire of these button-downed pieces of denim is their function and convenience – they are the easiest piece of apparel to accessorize and style with. You can literally put on a simple white off-the-shoulder top under them and throw on some cute sandals, and you will create a cute look with little to no effort in probably less than a minute. That is some efficient fashion styling!

In this specific post, I chose to pair my all-time favorite denim dress overalls from Urban Outfitters (BDG Brand) with my black and white striped cut out long sleeve top from the store Q (the cute little fashion boutique I was telling you about in earlier posts). In terms of my shoes, I chose to wear my black Steven Madden open-toed healed booties. To top off the shoes (basically to make them look cuter, more vintage, and make them more comfortable), I decided to wear my ruffled white high-length socks from Cotton On. The good thing about the black Steve Madden booties is that they can be casual when paired with an outfit like the one in this post or they can be worn for a completely formal occasion if paired with truly any type of business attire (formal black dress, formal skirt and blouse, etc.). Now that I have explained my outfit in detail, I would like to emphasize how long it took me to put together this outfit: literally 1 minute!! That is why I love overalls – EASY AND CUTE! I hope you will grow to love overalls as much as me!! Shop this cute overalls look below! Xoxo 🙂

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