My Favorite Everyday Sunglasses

January 10, 2017

Wildfox and Ray-Bans

Sunglasses are definitely one of my favorite accessories. The reason why I like them is because there are so many different shapes, frames, and colors that you are bound to find the perfect pair. Sunglasses are typically expensive if you are looking to find a quality pair that will last a long time. However, you can also get a cute pair that mirror the expensive pair for pretty cheap as well! I own three pairs and I love wearing them with different outfits because they add soooo much – for example, if I was wearing my casual boyfriend jeans and a crop top and I were to pair my pink Bel Air Wildfox Sunglasses with the outfit, my outfit and look of the day will automatically become more eccentric. I would say that I wear my 50 mm Rounded Ray-Ban Sunglasses the most because they go with everything that I wear.

However, if I want to spruce up my outfit and am feeling bold, I will probably wear my pink Wildfox sunglasses. The third pair of sunglasses that I own is the simple black Ray-Bans. I typically wear those on hikes or working out because they have a larger frame so they are more sturdy than the other two. However, they do go with pretty much anything. Attached below are links to the three pairs of sunglasses that I own and cheaper alternatives that are just as cute! Hope you find some that you like!

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