Layers n’ Layers

February 5, 2017

Your Fave Hip Punk Look

This weather has been soooo weird lately!! It has been literally freezing (I mean freezing for So-Cal people not for New Yorkers LOL). Because it was cold today, I decided to go for the “Layers on Layers” look. In my opinion, adding layers to any outfit makes it look way cuter – it adds a whole other dimension to the outfit.

Specifically, for this “Layers on Layers” look, I decided to follow the theme of “Hip Punk.” I think the jean jacket, hat, glasses, shawl, and my excessive ring collection pull together the whole “punk” aspect of the look. I wouldn’t classify this look as 100 % punk; I would classify it, though, as 20 % punk and 80 % hipster-ish.

The first accessory that I am going to talk about is my grey hat. I’ve literally had this hat for two years and it still looks brand new. I got it from Urban Outfitters, and I love wearing it with a range of different outfits because it brings the whole look together really nicely. My second fave accessory in this outfit is my jean jacket!! I got this jean jacket from Gap. Jean jackets are a for sure “must-have” because they go with truly anything. I love wearing my jean-jackets with fancy dresses because it makes the look more casual and allows me to where my fancy dresses on a normal day. Lastly, for my main piece of apparel, I decided to wear a tight soft midi dress from Cotton On. This dress is the perfect dress to style with. Because it is simple and tight, it looks cute with any added accessory – jean jacket, coat, scarf, tights, etc. I would classify this dress as my “winter dress” because it is semi-long and has mid length sleeves, so I am able to wear it outside without completely freezing. Last but not least are my lil’ booties!! I just got these booties last week and I’m in love with them!! I got them downtown in the Orange Circle at this little shop called Nectar. They have super trendy clothing for super good prices. I got these booties for only 30 $!! Would highly recommend checking out the store if you are ever in Downtown Orange! Hoped you enjoyed the outfit post of the week!



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