Kelsey Paul: A College Jewelry Entrepreneur

June 8, 2017

Plain but Chic; Simple with an Edge

Hey everyone! Today I am featuring Kelsey Paul! Not only is Kelsey a fashionista, but she is also an entrepreneur! Make sure to go and buy some of her jewelry; it’s adorableeee – you can order her jewelry through her Instagram @kelseypauljewelry! J Kelsey is a Strategic and Corporate Communication Major at Chapman University and would describe her style as “plain but chic,” and “simple with an edge.” In this post, I am going to talk about Kelsey’s look of the day and about her jewelry that she is models in the photos!

Kelsey’s Dress and Booties – Patrons of Peace and Laurenly

Kelsey is rocking her adorable long sleeve floral patterned dress with some simple cute black booties. She got her dress from Soul Project (Patrons of Peace brand) and her booties from Laurenly Boutique (this is a super cute boutique in downtown Orange – would highly recommend checking it out for some cute finds!). This outfit is the perfect look for summer – flowy dresses always keep you cool during hot summer days because they let air flow through the outfit easily! I also love busy-patterned dresses because they are super easy to style up! All you have to do in order to complete a busy-patterned dress look is throw on a cute pair of booties or sandals and some simple jewelry, and you are done!

Kelsey’s Jewelry

With this one look, Kelsey decided to model multiple pieces of her jewelry! Below, I am going to note the jewelry that Kelsey wore with each background.

Light Blue Background: Kelsey is wearing the purple gem earings (Kelsey Paul Jewelry Brand)

Light Blue Background: Kelsey is wearing the long tan leather grey shell horn necklace (Kelsey Paul Jewelry Brand)

Pale Yellow Background: Kelsey is wearing the white shell horn silver chain necklace (Kelsey Paul Jewelry Brand)

Brick Background: Kelsey is wearing the grey shell horn gold chain necklace (Kelsey Paul Jewelry Brand)

Brick Background: Kelsey is wearing the custom gold ring (Kelsey Paul Jewelry Brand)

If you want to purchase any of these pieces of jewelry, click here.

Interview Q and A’s with Kelsey!

What is your go-to look?

A white tee, some jeans, cute booties, and a choker!

How did you start up your jewelry company and how long did it take you to do so?

It took me about 1 month to start up the company itself. One day, I was sick and my roommate and I went to Michaels to look for something fun to make. I stumbled upon some jewelry materials and ended up making jewelry in my room for fun! Then, my roommate suggested I make it a business and I ended up doing so! I then created an Instagram and have been selling custom jewelry on it ever since, and I have been getting a lot of orders which has been keeping me busy!

What is your fave piece of jewelry you have made?

Definitely the Star Bracelet!

What are the perks of a being a college student and owning your own business?

I would say that it definitely gives me a lot more independence – because I am making my own money, I am able to spend it however I would like.

Go support Kelsey’s jewelry company and buy a cute shell horn necklace! Hope you all have a good rest of your day – it was finally sunny in Laguna today (let’s hope for less June gloom and more sun!)


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