Katie Grayden: A Pre-Med Student by Day and a Fashionista by Night

July 9, 2017

Chic. Classy. Innocent. Trendy.

Hey everyone! Sorry I’ve been absent on the blog for a few weeks; I was in South Africa visiting some of my fam! Today, I am featuring Katie Grayden, one of my good friends from high school! Katie is in the pre-med program at the University of Washington studying Biochemistry. However, don’t underestimate her style just because she is on the pre-med track – she doesn’t follow the typical sweat-pant, “roll-out-of-bed because of a tedious night’s worth of studying for O-Chem look.” Instead, Katie shows up to the lab daily in colorful, put-together outfits because she says that dressing nice helps her feel confident and helps her start off the day positively.

Katie’s Outfit: The “Minty-Green Overlay” Look

For her look, Katie decided to follow a girly, mix n’ match aesthetic. I love this outfit because she created a cohesive look out of various textures, patterns, layers, and accessories! For her upper half, Katie decided to pair an adorable mint-green knitted off-the-shoulder sweater [Stella McCartney brand] with a simple, but cute V-neck tee with alternating white and sheer stripes. Knitted overlays are the perfect article of clothing to help add dimension to an outfit! For her bottom half, Katie decided to wear some cute high-waisted patterned shorts [BP. Nordstrom brand] with some simple black and gold studded tie-up sandals [Steve Madden brand]. With regard to her accessories, Katie is rocking some adorable bangles [one from Nordstrom and one from Italy] as well as a simple rectangular hand bag! Oh, and I almost forgot to mention the most important accessory of all – the classy Zinc coffee cup! I mean, who hasn’t been seen carrying a Zinc coffee cup around in downtown Laguna?! I think you all have LOL.

Interview Q&A’s with Katie!

Do you dress differently in the lab?

Yes haha. At first, I always had my glasses on even though I had contacts because I wanted to act and appear smart enough, but then I was like – screw it, I’m just gonna be me and dress colorfully!

How would you describe the differences in fashion/clothing choices between Chemistry students and non-chem students?

Its definitely different. I mean, they still dress cute, but I like to wear more accessories. Being in the chemistry program takes up a lot of time, so most of the students are always tired from all of the work they have to do. But, I think its always nice to set aside time for yourself to wear something that makes you feel confident.

Do you have any fun facts about yourself that you want people to know after reading this article?

 I love volunteering! I love volunteering with the homeless because it not only makes you feel good but it also has helped my find communities that I really connect with.

What is an article of clothing that you can’t live without?

I would say nice jewelry: studded little earrings (heart shaped) and simple, gold bangles.

Describe the differences in fashion between Seattle and Laguna.

Both are very similar. However, in Seattle, Birkenstocks are definitely a thing. Everyone in Seattle loves wearing different types of socks with their Birks hahahah.

Hope you enjoyed reading about Katie’s fun and cute style! For the rest of this week, I am going to be doing posts about my experiences with fashion and travel within South Africa! Get excited!!


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