Katherine Khaloo: The Girl in Red

August 2, 2017

Creative. Soulful. Fun. Reflective.

What’s up everyone! Today I am featuring the AMAZING Katherine Khaloo! I met Katherine through I AM THAT GIRL at Chapman and I am so thankful I got to meet such a kind and genuine individual! She is extremely motivated – I mean, she is double majoring and minoring! You go girl! While we were at #Girl2017, I decided to take photos of her outfit because it was super cute! See below to read more about Katherine’s outfit and to find out more fun facts about her!

The “Red Bow Blouse and Starry Necklace” Look

For her look, Katherine decided to go bold with red. She paired her super cute red bow top [ASTR brand] with some classic Levi mom jeans topped off with nude strappy sandals [Target]. Accessories wise, she decided to wear a golden starry necklace from Brandy Melville [I’ve seen this necklace around a lot! I love the simplicity of it and it’s fit. I like how the length is in between a choker and a normal necklace], some cute hoop earrings from Claire’s and a simple ring from the flea market! I love this look because it really shows how one bold colored article of clothing can make an outfit eccentric!

Interview Q&A’s With Katherine!

1. What is your favorite article of clothing?

I swear if I lived in a colder climate than southern California, I would never take off my “mom jacket” which is the softest thing ever!

2. Describe the style at Chapman.

I feel like people at Chapman are always stepping up their game. It’s so awesome to see how bold and fearless both guys and girls are at Chaptown!! I always have inspiration and new ideas on what to wear next thanks to my fellow panthers…

3. What are you studying at Chapman?

I am double majoring in Political Science and Strategic and Corporate Communication, and planning to minor in Leadership studies!

Hope you guys liked this little piece I did on Katherine Khaloo! Get ready to read about two style icons from the FRIENDS Convention tomorrow!