Jean Skirts and Turtle Necks

January 10, 2017

All Decked Out in Forever 21!

Forever 21 has always been one of my favorite stores. It has its opponents – typically those who think it is unoriginal and cheap – however, if you are patient and search correctly, you will most definitely acquire some good finds. I have always been one to find the cheap but good products. Last week, I went to the Forever 21 in Mission Viejo to spend my Christmas Gift Cards, and I came to find that they have shifted their prices to solely $10 and under for the whole upper level! I immediately started looking around and found the three articles of clothing I am wearing: the black and beige striped turtleneck, the light orange button-down jean skirt, and the straw black wooden wedges. I got each of these pieces for 10 dollars, making my whole outfit only 30 dollars – in my eyes, that is a true bargain for an outfit that can be both casual and formal.

In terms of my accessories, I decided to wear more than I typically do. Jewelry wise, I am wearing… gold and white earings, a tiffany ring, 3 rings from Pandora, one from Macy’s, an L necklace from Tiffany’s, a Tiffany charm bracelet, and a Pandora charm bracelet. Although it sounds like a lot of jewelry, it tends to pair nicely with all of the outfits I wear, so purchasing good-quality jewelry is definitely worthwhile (you will probably recognize that I am wearing most of the jewelry that I mentioned above in the following posts). The last accessory I am wearing is my black Michael Kors Purse that serves nicely as a cross-over hand bag or even a formal laptop bag. Below I linked some similar pieces of apparel and accessories to mirror this look!

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