Iman Berri: Owner of Daintea Beverages

June 10, 2017

Bold, Lacy, Casual with a Twist

Hello everyone! Today, Zinkledee is featuring another entrepreneur, Iman Berri! Iman recently launched her own tea company called Daintea Beverages (go to her website to purchase some tea!) . Iman would describe her style as “bold,” “lacy,” and “casual with a twist.” Read more to find out more about where she got her cute outfit and to learn more about her tea company!

Iman’s Outfit: “True Religions are Back!”

For this shoot, Iman decided to follow her “casual with a twist” aesthetic. She paired an adorable, simple black lace blouse with some denim shorts (belted, of course!) and with a pair of light pink mini heels! Her blouse is Love, Fire brand; her shorts are True Religions; her belt is from Nordstrom; her shoes are 14th and Union brand; her sunglasses are Balenciaga brand. I love this look because it shows how you can “style up” denim shorts to make a fancy look – by pairing a nice lace blouse with some formal light pink mini heels, Iman is ready for a semi-formal event (a nice brunch, a dinner party, etc.). I also love the length of the True Religion shorts – they aren’t too short so they are appropriate to wear to the occasions mentioned above. Also, a lot of the time, it is difficult to pull off heels with shorts especially because most of the time, short shorts and high heels give off the wrong impression. However, this specific pairing of mid length shorts with mini heels is the perfect, appropriate classy combo!

Iman’s Tea Company

If you want to purchase Iman’s homemade tea, click here.

All of the tea flavors are pictured from left to right in the photo against the green background:

  1. (furthest to the left): Black Tea
  2. Chamomile Tea
  3. Ginger Tea
  4. Lavender Tea
  5. Mint Tea
  6. (furthest to the right): Rosemary Tea

Interview Q&A’s with Iman about her tea company – Daintea Beverages!

Tell me a bit about your company – what you sell, prices, etc.

I sell six tea flavors (the flavors are listed above). I sell them in cases of 6 for $32.99, and you can choose any combination of flavors you would like for each case.

What made you decide you wanted to start your own tea company?

Well, I was really stressed out and overworked from school. So, whenever I had to stay up late, I always resorted to making myself a cup of tea to calm me down. I also grew up drinking and making black and ginger tea, so I was already familiar with the process of making it. I then decided one day that I would try and start up my own tea company to give me a break from school, and I have loved doing it ever since!

How do you market your tea? What is your target population?

I market my tea mainly through Facebook ads and Instagram feeds. My target population is individuals who are between the ages of 17-25. I outsource to individuals currently on the West Coast – Idaho, Washington, Oregon, California, Nevada, Arizona, and New Mexico.

Do you see yourself going into this industry when you are older?

Yes, definitely! My goal is to ultimately open my own tea shop and possibly learn how to brew Kombucha.

Do you see your company expanding in the future?

Yes, I actually have other flavors and new recipes that I came up with; they are not finalized yet, but I will be adding them to the website soon. I hope to start selling cases with 8 oz bottles of tea because I now currently only sell cases with 16 oz bottles. I hope to expand all over the United States; however, I will need to hire employees to do so because I currently am making the tea by myself. I have been pretty successful so far though – I have gotten over 100 orders.

Go support Iman’s company and buy some yummy tea!


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