How to Dress Like a Heartbreaker

June 11, 2017

Fuchsia and Neon Orange –  Your New In-Style, Iconic Colors

Today, Cam and I decided to play dress-up for brunch at Shirley’s Bagels. Brunch ended up turning into a photo-shoot as you can see haha. You are probably curious about the title of this post – “How to Dress Like a Heartbreaker – so, now I think it seems fit to explain it to you! In our dictionary, a “heartbreaker” dresses with confidence (wearing clothing and accessories that make bold statements).

“Heartbreaker” Articles of Clothing/Accessories 


2. A Jean Jacket

3. A Silk Patterned Scarf

4. A Metallic Leather Side-Zipped Skirt

5. A Simple Black Choker

My Outfit: “The Multi-Purpose Scarf”

For my look, I decided to wear my denim zip-up dress [forever 21] with an off-the-shoulder long sleeve under it [forever 21] and with some black tights [H&M]. Shoes wise, I decided to wear some grey-black heeled/platform booties [Urban Outfitters] with ruffled black and white socks [Etsy] under them. Personally, I always wear some type of knitted socks over tights because they hold two purposes – they make the look way cuter and they add more cushion around your feet. Let me just tell you that having your tights rip in the toe area while you are wearing boots is probably one of the most uncomfortable experiences ever. I decided to heavily accessorize this look because accessorizing with bold items is always fun! My fave accessory in the look is my fuchsia sunglasses. These honestly are a “MUST-HAVE” for anyone’s wardrobe – they flatter every facial shape because of their “absent-rim” feature and the colors that they come in. I also decided to throw in a silk patterned scarf with this outfit – I chose a scarf that had some fuchsia coloring in it so my glasses would have something to balance them out. I love this scarf because I can use it as a belt, a headband, or as just a simple neck scarf. Lastly, I had to add in a black choker because that is my go-to accessory – it was necessary to “punk-up” the look! Now, let’s take a look at Cam’s outfit!

Cam’s Outfit: “Blue Metallic Skirts and Zara Flirts”

 Ok, can we just take a moment to examine this INCREDIBLE blue metallic side-zip skirt [Girls on Film]! I am in loveee with it! You can never go wrong with a leather skirt – you can literally pair it with anything and you will look good. For this specific look, Cam decided to pair her leather skirt with a floral “scrunch” crop top/tank [Zara] with a dark blue denim jacket [Reuse]. To match with the orange flowers in her top from Zara, Cam wore the orange “absent-rimmed” glasses [aliexpress]. Oh, and I almost forgot to mention her shoes! She paired this look with some simple, classic black peep-toe heels w/ an ankle strap [Sam Edelman]. These shoes were the PERFECT addition to the look because they give off a semi-formal aesthetic – it’s always better to over-dress than under-dress, so going formal is always a good idea! Also, another perk of dressing formally is that people will probably look at you and think you are an important figure – whether it may be in the business or fashion field. This look is the perfect example of “how to make opposite colors in an outfit look cohesive.” I mean, if you told me to put together an outfit with vibrant orange, metallic blue, dark blue, green, and black, I probably would be lost. However, now you have an example to model off of! Also, if you need a good place to take iconic/vintage photos and want a backdrop that looks like you are in Palm Springs, go to Heisler Park near Hotel Laguna!

Hope you liked this combined post! Let me know in the comments below if I should do more posts like this – where I feature two or more people following a similar aesthetic!


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2 thoughts on “How to Dress Like a Heartbreaker”

  • ooh LOVE these looks!!! you babes will definitely be breaking hearts in them…

    • Your comments make me so happy!!! <3333 Love ya girly!!

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