High-Waisted Bell-Bottoms + Off-The-Shoulder Crop Tops

May 4, 2017

Explorin’ Downtown Orange

Are bell-bottoms too dated to wear around for a casual night out on the town? Definitely not! Bell-Bottoms – AKA Boot-Cut Jeans – are probably my fave style of jeans. You probably noticed that I don’t tend to write many blog posts about jeans. In fact, I believe I’ve only done one post about jeans – and, in that post, I wasn’t even wearing normal blue jeans; they were high-waisted grey, ripped denim skinny jeans. The reason why I don’t wear jeans all that often is because I have a hard time styling with them. If jeans don’t fit right, they can make the whole outfit look “not so cute” even if you style them with a cute top and accessories. However, when you find the right pair of jeans – those with the right color, style, and fit – then you can not only create a cute look, but you can also feel confident struttin’ around town. Now, let’s get back to talking about these specific jeans. I’M IN LOVE WITH THEM! I recently went to an H&M sale and got 3 pairs of bell-bottoms for 10 dollars each!! ADVICE: when you find a pair of jeans that fit well and look cute, buy them because the perfect jeans are rare to come across. I love these jeans because they work perfectly with my height. I usually can’t find bell-bottoms that actually fit me because they all tend to be made super long – so, if I buy a pair, I usually have to get them tailored. However, these jeans came in the perfect color, fit, and length! Because these bell-bottoms were fairly high-waisted, I decided to pair them with a simple red and black striped off-the-shoulder crop top from Forever 21. I wanted to add in a little bit of an 80s “feel” to the look. And, what’s 80s without a choker?! I had to throw in a simple plastic black choker from ASOS to add in a cute accessory to pair nicely with the striped top! Last but not least… THE SHOES! I typically find that I need to wear platforms or wedges with boot cut jeans because, sometimes, bell-bottoms can make you look shorter than you actually are. So, I decided to wear my black wedged platforms from Forever 21 to “lengthen” the look… and my legs hahah! Hope you are having a great week! ADVICE FOR THIS WEEK: GO BUY SOME BELL-BOTTOMS, YOU WON’T REGRET IT, I PINKY PROMISE!!!


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