Golden Hour, Vibrant Red Dresses, and Tribe and True Blankets

October 5, 2017

Guess How Much I Purchased This Dress For…

Happy Thursday everyone!! It is finally Halloween month! I love Halloween – from putting little decorations up to purchasing the lil’ Pillsbury sugar cookies (with the pumpkins and ghosts on them!!), who wouldn’t love the month of October. Quick side story/ tangent to make you laugh… So, yesterday, Shay and I were craving the Pillsbury Halloween cookies (everyone knows which ones we are talking about – the ones that literally sell out after being on the shelf for 1 second). We went to Stater Bros, Albertsons, called probably 20 stores that could possibly have them, and LUCKILY on the last call with the Target 25 min away (LOL), they presumed to tell us that they had 4 packs left. So, of course, we were obligated to go purchase them because those packs were probably the last four packs in Orange County… and that is not an exaggeration. Anyways, that’s my funny little side story from this week! Now, let’s talk about this red dress and Tribe and True blanket!

I’m sure you are curious about the subtitle of this article – “Guess How Much I Purchased This Dress For…” Did you take a guess?! Well, I’ll give you a lil’ hint… I got it from Forever 21 hidden on the sale rack. I literally bought this dress for 8 dollars – shocker, right?! When you can find an amazing steal off the racks, your day automatically gets 100% better. I love this dress because it serves so many functions – from being a beach cover-up (if you tie up the bottom), to a fancy maxi dress (if properly accessorized, steamed, and worn with the right shoes), you’ve got yourself the perfect closet addition! For this particular occasion – the Malibu Meetup in Paradise Cove – I decided to not accessorize the dress because I wanted the photos to capture the vibrancy of the red dress paired with the golden light at the hour in which the photos were taken. If you want to choose a good color for golden hour photos – whether it may be for a senior photo shoot or a simple fashion shoot – choose RED!! I promise the photos will turn out AMAZING!! In two of the photos, you will see that I am carrying a multicolor beach blanket. This super cute blanket is from the brand Tribe and True – an adorable online store selling original blankets, rugs, pillows, jewelry, etc. The specific blanket that I am holding in the photos is called the “Original Handwoven Mexican Blanket.” These blankets are perfect for picnic blankets, towels, etc.

Hope you liked this post about Tribe and True blankets and red dresses! Thanks again to Laura for being an AMAZING photographer <333! Now I have a challenge for you… go try and find those Pillsbury cookies, so you can get in the HALLOWEEN SPIRIT!!


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