Fishnets and Fiddler Caps

July 9, 2017

Can Fishnets be Classy? Indeed, They Can!

These two looks have two things in common: fiddler caps and fishnets – two of my new favorite accessories. Honestly, you can wear a fiddler cap (aka the fisherman cap) with pretty much anything – with a dress, mom jeans, denim skirt, etc. If you want one accessory that will add vintage vibes to an outfit in one go, I would highly recommend purchasing a fiddler cap – whether it may be Brixton brand or shipped in from Greece, itself. Now, let’s talk about the two sets of fishnets in both outfits. The more prominent set is the “over-the-stomach” set. There is actually quite a funny story behind this specific set of white nets. I originally bought them as full length tights at Buffalo Exchange. However, after only wearing them once, they immediately became tangled when I tried to take them off – if you ever have to untangle a set of nets, you will feel my pain. It is one of the most tedious experiences of my life. Anyways, after trying to untangle the tights for over 3 hours, I decided to just cut them into shorts. And, hey, look at them now! They work even better than as they did before because now I am able to wear different fishnet socks while simultaneously wearing the highwaisted “over-the-stomach” set!

How can you make fishnets looks classy? Refer to tips below…

  1. Avoid wearing fishnets under a really short skirt and crop top.
  2. Pull them up as high as they can go and wear them under high-waisted mom jeans.
  3. Wear a crop top that shows just the right amount of the fishnets that are not covered by the high-waisted jeans – spread out your hand and place it on the waist of the jean pointing upward. Your crop top should cut off at the highest point of your hand.
  4. Fishnet socks – wear them with wedged platforms if you are wearing mom jeans or with converse when wearing a casual dress.

Outfit 1: “The Leather Jacket and Tube Top” Look

I would say that my first look follows more of a “punk” vibe. Whenever you pair leather jackets [H&M brand] with fishnets and two hands covered with bulky rings, you have basically created a grungy girl’s dream look. For this look, I decided to wear the more bulky and bold fiddler cap of the two –  creds to my uncle from South Africa for the hat [it’s an authentic Greek fisherman cap!]. And, what’s punk without a black plastic choker! Because my tube top [Forever 21 brand] fell to a length where most high-waisted mom jeans would rise up to, I decided to wear low-rise bell bottom cut offs [Cali Blue brand]. Last but not least are the shoes! I got these adorable MIA wedges from Forever 21 and have been wearing them with basically every outfit because I am IN LOVE with them!!

Outfit 2: The “Classy French” Look

You are probably curious as to why I included the word “French” in my title! Well, I will give you a hint… What kind of hat am I wearing?! A leather beret [creds to my uncle again for gifting me with this adorable vintage beret]! I love this beret because it can turn into a fiddler cap in one snap! There is a small button in the very front of the cap connecting the top of the hat to the rim – all you have to do is pull the button apart and you have landed yourself a fiddler cap! When I think of Parisian fashion I think of classy, chic, and simple – so, I decided to follow that aesthetic for this look. I kept the color scheme of the outfit to a minimum – black, white, and beige. I also kept the accessories minimal but classy. I paired my silver buckle black leather belt [Urban Outfitters brand] with some classic denim high-waisted mom jeans [Bon Jour brand].

Hope you picked up some valuable advice on how to pair fiddler caps and fishnets today! [P.S. these photos were taken at my aunt and uncle’s house in Johannesburg, South Africa]


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2 thoughts on “Fishnets and Fiddler Caps”

  • love the first look but OBSESSED with the second look my goodness!!! i esepcially love how you have two different types of fishnets, subtle but DAYUM you look HOT!!!

    • Awwww thanks love!! <333

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