Cyrus Dasoo: The Diesel Master, Himself

July 11, 2017

Chosen. By. My. Mom.

What’s up everyone! Today on the blog, I am featuring my cousin from South Africa: Cyrus Dasoo (AKA ZAZA). When I was in South Africa, I decided to take photos of him for this blog because, quite frankly, he has one of the most unique senses of styles I have ever seen. You are probably curious about the tagline – Chosen. By. My. Mom. So, I guess ZAZA’s unique and eccentric style is rooted in his amazing mother’s (my aunt’s) superb clothing purchasing abilities LOL. So, we can give credit to my aunt for buying these different articles of clothing; but, I’m gonna give a little credit to myself for this outfit because I picked it out for ZAZA and I let him borrow my two pairs of glasses – the orange and clear pairs – for the look. QUICK LITTLE TIP ON STYLING FOR GUYS: I didn’t really know how to start picking out his outfit because I had never styled a guy before. So, I let my infamous glasses guide me in choosing his outfit, and it ended up turning out pretty well. That’s the tip! You have to choose one iconic accessory to base the whole outfit around. In ZAZA’s case, the orange glasses dictated every single article of clothing I chose for him – the black and orange Rodriguez shirt, the orange and purple socks, the leather jacket with orange lettering on it, etc… Now, let’s get to business and talk about ZAZA’s outfit as a whole!

ZAZA’s Outfit: The “Decked Out in Diesel” Look

Who likes leather jackets, cuffed jeans, and funky socks?! Me – and I am sure probably everyone that is reading this! When styling ZAZA, I wanted the look to have a “grungy band” vibe, but I also wanted to throw in a little bit of a “preppy” aesthetic because he does go to an intense private school that requires all of its students to come fully decked out in formal attire [nice suits, formal shoes, and ties]. So, I would say that the band shirt [Rodriguez], leather jacket [Diesel brand], and black ankle boots [Diesel brand] fall under the “grungy, punk, band” vibe and the cuffed jeans [Diesel brand] with socks [Happy Socks brand] fall under the “preppy” classification. And, to throw in a little bit of eccentricity to the outfit in order to spruce things up, I decided to add in my orange and clear absent-rimmed glasses [aliexpress] to complete the look. I think that sums up ZAZA’s killer look!

How ZAZA Views South African Style

How would you describe the style in South Africa?

It depends on which groups you are hanging with. I tend to associate myself with relatively artsy-ish people. So, they are going to wear very simplistic, almost retro clothes. However, if you hang out with the jocks and stuff they are probably going to wear tank tops, jeans, and flip flops.

Hoped you gained some insight into South African style after reading this post! You will be gaining some more insight into South African trends in the next few posts as well!


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