Cameron Andersen: A Laguna Babe With New York Style

June 8, 2017

@CAM_JEWEL’S Style: Different. Every. Single. Day.

Hiiiii everyone! Hope your night is going well! Today I had the pleasure of taking photos and interviewing the amazingggg Cameron Anderson aka @CAM_JEWEL aka Cam Chowder. This girly currently attends New York University and is a Cultural Anthropology major! I have always loved her sense of style – I would describe her as a trend-setter rather than a trend-follower. Below you will see why!

Cam’s first outfit: “The Girl in the White Dress Rockin’ Retro Eyewear”

A white dress and shoes sprinkled with “crap.” Now that I got your attention, let’s carry on with this post (you will understand that tagline once you read further. **HINT** what brand are Cam’s sunglasses?). For her first outfit, Cameron chose to pair a short-sleeve, mid length white dress (with simple light gold embroidery covering the neckline/ upper chest area) with some vintage white oxford shoes and some retro yellow sunnies. She got her dress from the LA sample sale (Ruby Yaya brand), sunglasses from Crap Eyewear, and white shoes from Easy Spirit! This is an iconic summer look. It reminds me of something Grace Kelly would wear in the film Casablanca – I think the retro sunnies are what do the job!

Cam’s second outfit: “A Lacy, Silky, Puma Girl”

Who likes lace?! Who likes silk?! Well, I like both, and I am sure most of you do too – especially when they are paired together. For her second outfit, Cam paired a brown silk top lined with black lace with semi high-waisted greyish-purple pants and some suede grey pumas. Her pants are Allen Allen brand; her shoes are from Pum; her top is Gold Hawk brand. I love how this look does not follow a specific color scheme – if you separate her outfit into 3 parts [top, bottoms, shoes] and analyze the colors present in each article of clothing, you will notice that there aren’t really any mutual colors between each piece of clothing. However, that doesn’t mean that the outfit is not cohesive; in fact, I think its lack of a mutual color scheme makes it more cohesive by creating a “clash of patterns and colors” look! This specific look serves as a prime example of how clashing colors, textures, fabrics, and patterns can enhance the eccentricity and uniqueness of a look.

Interview Q & A’s with Cam!

What article of clothing can you not live without?

 A pair of Levi mom jeans and a nice black belt.

Why did you choose these two specific outfits for the shoot today?

They both are great looks for summer –both are very flowy (flowy dress and flowy pants) and incorporate linen in a practical way.

Describe how your style has changed – going from LB to NY.

Well, I would say that in NY, I don’t have my mom looking over my shoulder and telling me what I can and can’t wear haha so I have a lot more leeway in what I can wear out. I also wear a lot of heavier apparel because of the cold weather, and I had to invest in a few pairs of nice flat shoes because I have to do a lot more walking in NY in comparison to Laguna. In regard to the overall style/ fashion differences between LB and NY, I would say that Laguna is very beachy no matter what time of the year you are in, whereas people in NY have a very practical yet eclectic sense of style.

What industry do you think you want to go into after college?

My dream is to become a writer. To accomplish that goal, I want to go to grad school at Columbia University and study journalism. My mom was also telling me about how cultural anthropologists are now being hired to help individuals and businesses learn the customs and cultures of possible clients that reside in different countries. I also thought that would be an interesting job.

**Fun Fact about Cam Jewel**

 During her junior year she wore a different outfit every day and during her senior year, her friend Ryan gave her a monthly aesthetic that she had to match with her daily outfit choices. For example, December’s aesthetic was the “Ghost of Christmas Funk” – this aesthetic had a lot of glitter, whites, and platforms composing it.

Hope you liked this girly’s unique sense of style! Tomorrow on the blog, I will be featuring an artist and a tea entrepreneur! Get ready!


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