Brigette Thomas: A Classic, Denim Loving Gal

June 7, 2017

Beachy, Boy Meets Girl, Classic, and Simple

Hey everyone! The first girly ZINKLEDEE is going to be featuring today is Brigette Thomas! Brigette is an interior design major at Colorado State University and would describe her style as “boy meets girl,” “beachy,” “classic”, and “simple”. In today’s post about Brigette, I am going to talk about three of the outfits that she decided to model for me and end with a summary of the short interview I had with her!

Outfit 1: Brigette’s “Boy Meets Girl” Go-To Look

Brigette’s first outfit perfectly falls under her “boy meets girl” categorized description of her style. She follows more of a girly style from her waist up and then follows more of a tom-boy vibe from her jeans downward. With her adorable beige tank with horizontal cutouts in the shape of a V from the upper neckline to mid-chest area, prominent gold accessories (gold watch, simple gold rings), and half-up half-down pony tail, Brigette nailed the simple but chic girly aesthetic. With her cut-off ripped denim jeans, thin black belt, and high-top black Vans, Brigette was able to pull together the tom-boy aesthetic perfectly! To top off the whole look, Brigette threw in a black fringy backpack that paired really nicely with her black belt and black Vans! Sometimes, all you must do to complete an outfit is add an accessory – something as simple as a black backpack!

Outfit 2: Brigette’s Boho-Chic, Beachy Look

For her second outfit, Brigette chose to pair a floral wrap top with some high-waisted denim shorts and tan tie-up sandals! This whole look is from Forever 21 – what a steal! I would classify this look as a beach/ brunch look – perfect for the beach if you throw on some casual sandals or perfect for brunch if you through on a cute jacket and wear similar shoes to the ones that Brigette is currently wearing in this post! The top mimics a “wrap” swimsuit top which adds to the “beachy” vibe of the outfit itself. I love the shorts that she is wearing because they go with pretty much anything and can be “styled up” by simply switching out a current accessory/ piece of apparel for something new! To create a whole different look, all Brigette had to do was switch out her wrap top with a crocheted lacy gray crop top!

Outfit 3: Brigette’s Simply Denim Look

In this third look, Brigette decided to show off her casual but edgy side. She paired her semi high-waisted grey ripped denim shorts with a simple thin black belt, casual black tank, and some bold metallic sunnies. Although this look is casual, the accessories that Brigette added to the outfit gave it more of an edge! This is the perfect day-to-day college outfit – casual enough to make it seem like you aren’t trying too hard and edgy enough to give off a unique stylistic aesthetic!

Interview Q&A’s With Brigette

What brands are you wearing in your different outfits?

Brandy Melville, Forever 21, Urban Outfitters, Nordstrom, Irene’s Story, Vans

How did you choose these specific outfits to wear today?

I wanted to choose outfits that followed the “summer” aesthetic, but I also wanted to pair my shorts and jeans with a top that would tuck in well and look good with belts because I always belt my outfits.

What are the differences in the fashion/style between Colorado and Laguna?

 I feel like people in Colorado follow a very athletic and outdoorsy style and people in Calfornia follow more hip and trendy looks. I would describe my style as a combination of the two.

What articles of clothing could you not live without?

 A good pair of ripped jeans and a leather jacket.

I hope you liked this post about Brigette’s style! Much more posts to come!


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