Bell-Bottom Overalls and Gingham Blouses

March 5, 2018

Tie the Ribbon from Your “Wrap Blouse” Around Your Overalls!

Happy Monday everyone! Chapman has two more weeks until spring break, and I could not be more excited! I want to give you a little recap of my weekend before I talk about this look because it was probably one of the best and more busy weekends I have had in a while. Friday, we threw a little surprise birthday breakfast for Lex, one of my roomies, and made her pink pancakes and got her some yummy donuts! At night, I went to Disney with my cousin and it literally started down-pouring on us after we rode one ride HAHA, but I have to say that Disney looks incredibly beautiful in the rain. On Saturday, I went to my sister’s stuttering convention that she hosts every year at Chapman called Friends West. If you know someone who stutters, let me know so I can give them info on the upcoming 3 day convention – it truly is one of the most inspiring events you will ever attend. At night, I went to GPHI date party with my good friend Dana and we dressed up as Beyonce and Nicki – the ultimate dynamic duo. Sunday was my fave part of the weekend because the FOG exec (the fashion club on campus) got to go up to Palm Springs to do a shoot for the vintage denim jacket company, TARA IN THE NIGHT! We are working on a look book for the company as our first exec project. Follow the FOG insta to get more updates on when meetings are and to read weekly blogger spotlights. Now, let’s talk about this “overalls” look!

Who wants to bring bell-bottoms back?! Well, I think that wearing them in “overalls” form is the perfect idea! I recently purchased these bell-bottom overalls at TJ-Maxx for only 13$! Honestly, if you can find overalls for less than 30$, I am requiring you to purchase them to add to your closet repertoire hahah. I did this shoot in Pioneertown a little while back, so I thought that throwing in some gingham prints to go with the “western” aesthetic would be fun! I got this wrap top from Forever 21 and when I was playing around with this look, I decided that tying the bow on top of the body of the overalls would add an eccentric feel to the outfit. Shoes wise, I had to pull out the black suede platforms [Forever 21] because the bell-bottom + platform combo helps to lengthen your legs – well, at least it does in my opinion hahah.

I hope you enjoyed reading about this western bell-bottoms look! If you are on spring break, happy vacation! If yours is coming up, happy almost break!


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