Bailee Cochran: The Girl Wearing Pants from France

December 21, 2017

Chic. Streetwear. Formal.

Happy Tuesday everyone!! Sorry I haven’t posted in a while, but it is Thanksgiving break, so I am finally getting caught up with editing and writing for ZINKLEDEE!! Last Monday, I had the honor of shooting with the one and only Bailee Cochran! I met Bailee in my financial accounting class and we immediately started talking about our shared love for fashion. Ever since then, I have been so intrigued and amazed by the incredibly unique looks she puts together – from her black Brixton cap to her sick kicks, she’s got her iconic sense of style nailed from head to toe on the daily at Chaptown. For our photoshoot, I took her downtown to Growl Juice Pub (but before we took photos, we had to grab an acai bowl because how can you not!! I would highly recommend the Green Room with acai and almond milk if you ever go and need a bowl suggestion) and to the alley way behind Provisions to finish up the shoot! Keep reading below if you wanna read more about Bailee’s full look!!

Decked Out in a Cream-Colored Bomber Jacket, Pants and Adidas

Who likes Commes des Garçons tees?!! Well, I’m pretty sure everyone that it is reading this will appreciate this look that Bailee put together! She nailed the color scheme of this outfit – I like how she matched her bomber jacket perfectly with her pants and Adidas and then paired these cream-colored articles of clothing with an iconic, but simple, Commes des Garçons black and white tee. You can never be too “match-y match-y” with looks like these because the cream-colored aesthetic creates a very cohesive and professional look. Bailee got her bomber jacket from a store called Kaitlyn, her pants from Harmony (a Parisian brand), and her shoes from Adidas! To accessorize, she wore her go-to hat – the black Brixton Fiddler cap – and her orange Fjallraven backpack. Not to mention, her orange fingernails matched her orange backpack!! INCREDIBLE!! I love how the whole look she put together followed a neutral color scheme except her orange Fjallraven backpack. The backpack really adds to the outfit because it is so vibrant. Love this look and absolutely love Bailee’s sense of style! If you ever see her on campus, I can assure you she will be rockin’ an incredible look!

Quote from Bailee About Her Fashion

Fashion has always been a part of me! My dad is very well versed on trends and he also has a “passion for fashion,” and my grandma always took me shopping with her to the big department stores and designer brand stores since I was little. With that said, I have always found myself easily able to predict and read trends before they hit, and I realized that my sophomore year of high school. So I really started to develop my own personal style and interest in researching fashion trends in high school! However, I did not truly find my own personal style until this year! I would describe my own personal style as “Chic streetwear.” I love the idea of pairing a girly dress or some cool, chic pants with your dopest sneakers! I am currently a business administration major with an emphasis in marketing, and I hope to do marketing for big names and companies in the fashion industry! I solidified this after doing my first internship with Frasier Sterling Jewelry!

Hope you liked this post about Bailee’s rad sense of style! Have an amazing Thanksgiving with your families and friends and remember to always remind the ones that you love that you are thankful for them! I am thankful for all of you!


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