About Me

Hey everyone, I’m Lilly. I’m from Orange County, and I am a student at Chapman University. I love people, art, healthy living and fashion. My blog is intended to help me interact with friends and like-minded people.

Let me tell you a bit about myself. I have a twin sister, Sophie. We’re super close – I would say that we are metaphorically conjoined at the hip because we basically do everything together. We go to college together at Chapman University, we hang out together all of the time, and she is my photographer for this blog. So, basically, without her, this blog would be non-existent.  I also have an older sister, Brianna. We’re also very close, and I owe much of my obsession with fashion to her. I always used to sneak into her closet and borrow her clothes because I was fascinated with what she wore. Now, let’s talk about my two super-cool and funky parents… My mom is amazing. She is always supportive, although I don’t always listen to her, she tends to give the best advice. My dad is definitely the odd-child in our family. Half of what he says makes no sense and he is flat-out goofy. But I try to pay attention to the other half. I think I need to work on his sense of fashion, though!

I love to paint and create designs. I think I got this from my mom. She is also a good photographer. I love doing my own thing and want to set up a fashion business where I will be able to help my friends feel better through what the wear.

Going to high school in Laguna Beach was great. Genuine people, tons of hip art stores, beautiful scenery, and great academics. I would say it is definitely an incubation spot for aspiring artists.

In case you are wondering about the name of my blog, that’s a bit of a funny story. When I was little, I used to have this yellow, palm-sized fluffy toy. When squeezed, it made a high-pitched sound that sounded like “Zinkledee”. Well…I can tell you my dad has nicknames for everyone and mine has been Zinkledee ever since. I told you he was odd! I decided to make the tagline of this blog, “A Fashion Blog to Help Release Your Inner Creatures of Self Expression and Creativity,” because I believe that clothing exposes our inner creatures (in my eyes, our creatures of self-expression and creativity). As for my logo, I decided to draw creatures grasping around ZINKLEDEE to metaphorically represent this blog’s purpose of exposing our true self-expression and creative creatures by simply putting on an outfit.

I hope you enjoy my blog. More importantly, I hope you have fun with it. If you decide to purchase any of the apparel that I post under the “Shop My Closet” sections of my blog, I would love for you to send me a picture of you in the apparel so I can feature you on my website!

Live well and be happy…


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