A Red Rose Hat and Jean Vest Top

February 19, 2018

Tie a Bandana Around Your Belt to Spice Things Up!

It’s Monday, and I am ready to get back on the blogging grind! I’ve been absent for a few weeks because I was really stressed out with school and trying to figure out my schedule, but I finally figured it out, YAY! So, this past weekend, I went up to Temecula to celebrate my big sis’s 31st birthday. It was super fun – the house we rented had a super sick infinity pool and we got to visit a bunch of cool wineries around the area! Also, we went to a quaint and cute arts festival on Saturday afternoon and, while we were there, we stumbled upon a little barn filled with vintage finds for super cheap! Guess what I found, piled under a box of old books…a new pair of mint green classic crocs! I decided to get them because they were only 2$ and I figured I could maybe do a future post about how to dress to the “crocs occasion” hahaha. Anyways, the house we stayed at had really great sets of scenery for taking some cool photos! Now I’m going to talk about this outfit – one of my most eccentric choices so far, and, indeed, one of my all-time favorites!

The Red Rose Hat – Buy One, They Are Only $20!

I decided to lean more towards the funky side when choosing this outfit. I styled the look around this super awesome hat, so let’s talk about it in more depth! My friend, Daniel, started a hat company called Tres Rosas, in which he sells black, white, taupe, and dark grey hats embroidered with his own three-headed rose design! I usually don’t wear hats because I haven’t really found any that match with my crazy outfits lol, but I really like these hats because the colors that they come in are neutral so they match with most of what I wear, they fit really well, and the embroidered roses throw in a pop of vibrant color to whatever I am wearing. If you want to purchase one, shoot me an email at tabri107@mail.chapman.edu or DM me on my Instagram @lilbrizi (preferable method of reaching out) and let me know how many you want! They are a great deal at $20 so make sure to buy them before they go out of stock!

The Rest of This Look!

As for the remainder of the outfit, I decided to bring out the vintage button-up denim vest and groovy boot-cut pants. You probably haven’t seen a denim vest worn like this in a while – usually, nowadays people don’t wear them to replace a shirt, they will usually wear it as an accessory. However, the other day when I was scrambling to find a simple shirt to match these busy-patterned pants, I stumbled upon this Old Navy vest and figured it would complete the look perfectly! As for the funky high-waisted pants, I got them at Forever 21 on sale for $3 – what a steal! I wanted to throw in a little “punk” to the look, so I wore my current favorite silver-punched belt and tied a white bandana around it to add some edge, because, why not?! I found that the best shoes to wear with these pants are wedges or platforms because they are pretty lengthy and my legs aren’t the longest – so, I wore my black platform slides! Accessory wise, I threw in the funky red shades to pair nicely with the red roses in the hat. I also picked a little bunch of red flowers to carry around during the shoot to add in just another hint of red!

Hope you all have a great rest of your week! Make sure to shoot me a DM or email if you want to purchase one of these hats! I promise you won’t regret it!


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