A Day at Greystone Mansion

January 20, 2018

The Floral Fairytale Maxi Dress

Happy Saturday everyone! I hope you all had a great week! I have officially finished three out of the four weeks of my nonprofit interterm course! Woohoo! I am actually super happy I chose to take this class because the professor has so much knowledge in his field and has introduced us to topics that I definitely would have never truly been acquainted with if I took another course. We actually took a fieldtrip Wednesday to Concern America and it was a really cool experience. We got to learn about their nonprofit model which was super interesting and inspiring – what they do is they hire fieldwork expert volunteers to go into the impoverished communities in other countries that they are helping and have these volunteers teach individuals in the community to do the work necessary to help their community thrive (healthcare, engineering, doctors, etc.). After the volunteers train the community members for about 2 years, these community members are well-equipped to tackle pretty much any issue thrown at them just as well as the volunteer who trained them would. Anyways, now on to this look! These photos were taken by the amazing Laura Claypool and Abby Carton on our shoot at Greystone Mansion! If you haven’t been to Greystone in LA, it is a must SEE! It is perfect for photos, picnics, or just for a casual stroll! It is a very peaceful setting because it is secluded on a hill in LA!

For this specific look, I tried to channel a “Floral Fairytale” aesthetic because I knew we would be taking photos by ethereal looking fountains haha. I’m wearing one of my favorite floral maxi dresses that my good friend Rashi got for me at Forever 21! I love how the chest has a crisscross cut! I didn’t really accessorize with the dress because it had a busy pattern and could stand on its own. TIP: if you are going to accessorize busy-patterned maxi-dresses, you should do so minimally. Maybe add a few gold bangles and a simple necklace so people are drawn to the best part of the outfit – the dress! As for my shoes, I am wearing my écote wedged wooden sandals with black leather tops! I bought these platforms a few years back at Urban Outfitters and they are still in perfect condition. The good thing about these platforms is that I can wear them with any outfit in my closet – with a simple denim look, a fancy dress, or even overalls!

I hope you have a great rest of your weekend! P.S. I participated in the women’s march today with some of my good friends from I Am That Girl and had the best time! It was so inspiring and empowering to be part of a movement like that! One more week of interterm and then my sophomore second semester at Chaptown begins! Let’s do this!!!!

XOXO, Zinkledee

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